The purpose of proper grouting practices along with Escoweld Epoxy Grout is to maintain proper alignment of the equipment throughout its service life.  It is key to the performance of the system to properly level the equipment prior to grouting.  When the equipment is grouted, the grout acts as an effective conduit to transfer vibrations from the rotating equipment to the foundation.  This is done through monolithic contact between the dynamic equipment and the absorbing foundation or mass.  This will provide effective vibration damping of the rotating equipment and thus increasing the overall reliability by a factor of 8 to 10 times.  

Without proper alignment maintained in the rotating equipment, higher failures will occur in mechanical seals, bearings, and shaft/couplings.  These failures are caused from misalignment and can be directly attributed to foundation and equipment support caused by high vibration levels.  This is easily corrected with proper grouting practices.  

The purpose of grouting is more than just filling the base plate or supporting under the rails of the base plate, it is to resist the lateral, axial, and vertical forces which the rotating equipment imposes.  The grout will maintain rotating equipment alignment and therefore minimize equipment vibration.  The grout will provide a path for inherent vibration to travel into the foundation where the mass will absorb it.  This keeps vibrational forces from residing in the equipment and causing equipment failure.  

When you properly set rotating equipment with Escoweld Epoxy Grout, you are effectively controlling the life cycle costs of your rotating equipment, thus keeping the equipment running for longer and maximizing its usefulness.     

Escoweld is manufactured by ITW Engineered Polymers which is a division of the ITW Performance Polymers & Fluids grout, which focuses on cutting-edge polymer products and technology.  Here are some of the highlights of the ITW brands:

  • Six decades of research and experience in industrial markets to remain on the leading edge of polymer technology - to create innovative, proven solutions to difficult problems
  • Industry Leader in the development and manufacture of the Chockfast and Escoweld brands of epoxy grouts & foundation systems - Best-in-Class, diversified products for reliable support & alignment of industrial machinery and equipment
  • The industry leader in on-site and off-site technical and product support for proper specification or installation of epoxy grouts & chocking compounds to help achieve optimum equipment performance and reliability
  • A wide selection of primary and secondary product systems to best fit the demands of the industrial applications and operating environment
  • Worldwide manufacturing and product distributors for consistent quality, availability and support of our products globally
  • Technical Resources and education to support any type of machinery grouting application
  • Low exothermic reaction to cure the grout with minimal heat being introduced to steel baseplates, thus maintaining precise level.