Why Fill A Cavity with Grout?

What is the purpose of grout?

It is NOT intended to just fill the baseplate cavity to avoid collection of debris and water.

Grout is intended to:

  • Resist the lateral, axial and vertical forces that the equipment imposes.

  • Maintain equipment alignment thereby minimizing vibration.

  • Provide a path for the inherent vibration to travel into the foundation that has the mass to absorb it. This keeps vibrational forces from residing in and causing equipment failure.

Flat Plate



Effective Bearing Area (EBA)

The EBA is the area of contact between two objects. The greater the EBA, the greater the amount of vibration transfer that will occur.

Our Epoxy Grout = No Shrinkage

Cement grout will shrink. No contact. No Adhesion.

Epoxy Grout = 2100 PSI Adhesion

vs. Cement ~ 0-50 PSI ADHESION. No adhesion. No vibration transfer.